where does your nicotine come from?

Our Nicotine comes from NicSelect. NicSelect is one of the top distributors of nicotine in the United States for pharmaceutical use and all nicotine sensation devices i.e. patch, inhaler, gum and electronic cigarettes. 

where is your ejuice made? 

Our EJuice is made in Dixon, Illinois. Effervesce Vapors has their own laboratory which opened up in 2015. 

what milligrams do you offer?

We offer 0mg-6mg online. We do offer -mg-24mg in our retail shops. If you want any of our flavors online in a higher milligram please contact us direct.

What size bottles do you offer?

We offer 30ml bottles and 120ml bottles.

what kind of bottles does the ejuice come in?

Effervesce Vapors uses custom made bottles that are manufactured only for us through our exclusive distributor Liquid Bottles. We use PET on our 30ml bottles and LDPE on our 120ml bottles. 

Do you use synthetic or gmo ingredients?

Our ingredients are non-gmo. We do not use any synthetic flavors.