Effervesce Vapors was a dream that got started out of necessity. Smoking was a habit that had been hard to break. One day, Justin came home and had electronic cigarette starter kits. He had purchased some Ejuices at the gas station and we were more than ready to give up cigarettes one last time. After giving it a chance, we were both in agreement that vaping was the way to go for us but we were less than impressed with the EJuice that we had purchased. Being the person that he is, Justin decided to dive into the world of vaping and EJuice which led to the beginning to Effervesce Vapors and EV Labs. 

By a couple of months Justin was making new flavors every day and finalizing his pick of distributors for ingredients based on quality, taste and the company itself. Many of our co-workers were also vaping his flavors and they were very impressed to a point that they were making requests on a daily basis. One day we sat down and talked about opening up our own vapor shop in our small town. Being so far from the surrounding cities, the vapers in the area had no local vapor shop. We were very hopeful that with such a new and growing industry that we would be successful. This initial dreaming was done in January of 2014.

Located in Dixon Illinois, the very first Effervesce Vapors retail location opened up on April 14th, 2014. We were an immediate success; lack of competition and having a really amazing product of our own stood out to our customers. Our EJuice was so much of a success that we were forced to look for a bigger location for the production to meet the demands of the customer. This led to us opening our second retail location in Sterling, Illinois later that same year in September. This location had a large enough room, at the time, to accommodate as a "lab." But we had dreams. We dreamed of a huge building, with no customer interruptions, a place where Justin could work on building EV Labs. 

EV Labs officially opened in July of 2015. We got extremely lucky in the location because it was conveniently located in our hometown of Dixon. Our first priority was stocking up the stores and meeting the demands of the customers like always. During this time, we also decided to expand our retail portion of the company and opened up Effervesce Vapors in Sycamore, Illinois on January 7th, 2016. By this time vaping had become a staple in our society and we knew we had to step our game up. For a while we had wanted to open up an online portion for our customers and after 3 years we did it. Our online shop went live in February of 2017 and it is just the beginning for us.