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Our Ejuice

 EV Labs offers small batch hand crafted EJuice. We started testing back in 2013 and after going through dozens upon dozens of manufacturers, we narrowed down the best components. Our nicotine comes from NicSelect; hands down the most professional and consistent distributor.  Alchem is NicSelect's manufacturer and considered one of the best in the world; making NicSelect as our main nicotine distributor an easy choice. Next, our VG  was by far the most difficult to narrow down for us. As a buyer, one has  dozens to choose from in VG and some are GMO and some are blended. The main types we tested were: palm, soy, and coconut. After much trial and error we chose a VG that works perfectly for our flavors. We use 99.7% pure VG, NON-GMO and is coconut based blended with palm. We found that taste and cloud production beat any others we tested. Finally, onto our flavors. We use over a dozen manufactures from small to the biggest in the world. To list a few: Capella, Flavor Art, Flavor West, and Flavor Apprentice. We have made over 50 versions of the same EJuice and vaped every version and voted on the best version of that flavor.  We take tremendous pride in all of our mixes and stand behind every single bottle that is produced. Quality EJuice for Everyday Vaping.